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Upholstered furniture makes your home much more comfortable as well as attractive, however over time, no matter how often you vacuum that furniture or air out your home, that upholstered furniture will collect dust and dirt and accumulate odors. Just like other areas of your home, your upholstered furniture needs a thorough cleaning from time to time to remain looking and smelling good.

Unfortunately, cleaning your upholstered furniture yourself is a time consuming and difficult job and unless you really know your upholstery fabrics the results can be less than satisfying. Which is exactly, why we started Couch Cleaning D.C. To begin with. We are professional upholstery cleaners, who not only know what cleaning methods to use with various materials, but also have state of the art equipment that is well maintained to get that upholstery clean and odor free without running your colors or leaving behind those ugly water spots. In fact, when we clean your couch or the rest of your upholstered furniture, it can look almost brand new again.

What Our Upholstery Cleaning Includes

Our upholstery cleaning services includes cleaning any or all the upholstered furniture in your home including those bedroom mattress. We remove dirt, stains and odors, including those ground in stains that have been there for some time. Best of all the cleaning products we use in our state of the art equipment are completely organic making them safer for you, your children and your pets than those chemical cleaners than many cleaning companies use. The end result is that your upholstered furniture looks and smells clean and has no lingering chemical odors or residue. All you get is clean look and scent.

Other Services We Offer

As well as our top of the line upholstery cleaning services, we offer a number of other services as well including:

• Both commercial and residential carpet cleaning
Area rug cleaning in your home or in our facility
Water damage repair and cleaning

Why Not Try Our Free Consultation

Because as home owners ourselves we know how trying it can be to invite workmen into your home when you know little or nothing about the company, we offer all our potential clients a free consultation. During this consultation we will explain everything you need to know about our services, our state of the art equipment and green cleaning products. We also welcome any questions you may have regarding our cleaning technicians and our services. As a fully licensed and insure cleaning company that is part of the community we want each and everyone of our customers to know we will do everything possible to see that you are comfortable and confident with our using our services, including offering you a free estimate of those services.

To learn more about the services we provide, why not browse our website, or if you would like to take advantage of our free consultation or to set up an appointment to have your upholstery, carpeting or area rugs clean give us a call at 202-524-1670 or speak to our online representative right here on our website.